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Adult Party Games

Adult party By Anna Lynn Sibal

Hosting an adult party and looking for ways to stir up some naughty fun? Here are five fun adult party games that you can do to heat things up in your adults-only party.

Roll Up and Unwind

This game is a good icebreaker, and so it is often held at the start of the party. The guests gather around in a circle with ample space between each of them. There would be a leader standing within the circle. Basically, when the leader says “Rollup,” he or she stretches his or her arms and holds them apart. Everyone else has to follow the leader’s lead. When the leader says “Unwind,” then everyone has to find someone to hug. The tempo by which the game is played will eventually pick up its pace until everyone has had a chance to hug each other.

Apple of Discord

In Apple of Discord, the guests get to pair up, a male with a female. Each pair is given an apple that they would hold between their foreheads. If apples are not available, an alternative would be a small rubber ball. The pairs have to follow all the commands of the leader. When the leader says “Jump to the left,” they should jump to the left without dropping the apple. A variation of this would be to dance in varying tempos while keeping the apple in place. The couple who gets to hold the apple between their foreheads the longest wins the game.

Blindfolding Game

The object of this game is for the blindfolded person to identify his or her partner – either spouse or boyfriend/girlfriend – from a group simply by touching them. The blindfolded person can be male or female, and he or she has to mingle with the group presented to him or her to be able to touch them. The rules vary as to how a person within the group can be touched. In some variations, women may touch any part of the man’s body while the men are limited to hands and faces. The winner of the game is the person who successfully identifies his or her partner in the crowd.

Longest Line

This is a game where the participants get a legitimate excuse for getting naked. In this game, the participants are grouped together into teams, with teams consisting of both males and females. The goal is to be able to create the longest line using the discarded clothing of the participants within the given time. Naturally the team with the longest line, not to mention with the people with the least bit of clothes on, gets to be the winning team.

Bursting Balloons Game

Bursting balloons is another couples' game where the pairs can get a wee bit naughty. The pairing is between a male and a female, and balloons would have to be scattered about the room. The male participant would be sitting cross-legged on the floor. The female participant, on the other hand, would be racing across the room to grab balloons. Every time she catches a balloon, she rushes to her partner and puts the balloon on his lap. Then she would have to sit on the balloon to make the balloon burst. The pair with the most number of balloons burst wins the game.


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