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Anniversary Party For Your Parents

By Lynn Lopez

Face it, your parents are the most influential people in your life, but how often do you really show them that you love them? Their anniversary is a great opportunity for you to express your love and appreciation for them. It doesn’t have to be a milestone like their silver or golden wedding anniversary. Any anniversary’s a perfect time for you to just throw them a party.

You can keep it small and intimate with just you, your siblings, and your parents (of course). But you can really go all out and invite lots of guests, particularly those who have been friends with your parents throughout the whole time they’ve been together, or might have even known them when they were just going out.

Here’s a short list of the activities you can do for their anniversary party.

  • Have a presentation showing their pictures throughout the years.
  • Collect stories from their long-time friends about what they like best about your parents’ marriage and relationship.
  • Write about their love story and share it during the party.
  • You and your siblings can share your personal messages for your parents or even tell them what you learned from their relationship.

An anniversary party for your parents can be anything from a backyard cookout to a really posh celebration in a ballroom, but the most important thing you should remember is that it’s a party for and about them. What they should remember most about it is how heartfelt your messages are and all the love you show for them.

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