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Arts And Craft Graduation Party

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Arts And Craft Graduation Party


Make invitations into some scrolls or perhaps a diploma type, if you have a computer you can lay out the designs and tie them with colorful ribbons.

Get some graduation banner with prints such as " Congratulations " and other victory phrases. You can have th guests to the sign the banners with their message and greetings.

A pasta party include dishes such as lasagna, pizza or spaghetti. For drinks make a refreshing punch or kool-aid juice.

Activity books such as crossword puzzles or word search. Bookmarks or address books with a printed sticker of the celebrant. Example: "Faith's Graduation Party " June 12, 2005

Games & Activities:

Penny Fun
Gather a lot of coins or perhaps change your bills into coins put them into little or big jar, make sure its clear so your guests can take a look at the coins and guess how many pennies are there in the Jar. To save up time you should provide clues such as " The pennies in the jar are about $30 but it does not exceed to $45". Of course put some trick such as including 30 cents. For example, "$32.30". The person who could guess the amount will get the jar of pennies. It will surely be very fun and exciting.

Fortune Telling
Get a fortune teller, you could hire some in the internet, look for a fortune teller that lives near in your place or if you know someone you could invite him or her in the party and pay her professional fee. Allow the fortune teller to actually do the card reading or palm reading of the celebrant, telling what would the celebrant's future be like.

Arts & Crafts:
Create some bookmarks and paper collage. If the celebrant is graduating from elementary the activity should include cutting photos from magazine or papers to represent their dreams and future goals.

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