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Bachelorette Party Ideas

Planning for this party is almost the best part of it. It is best if you plan it with friends, then each one can contribute ideas to make the party fun. The party should be a week before the wedding. Friday night or Saturday night is the best day. If you expect more guests, you can either have the party in a friend house or you can rent a hall. Itís a lot better if you rent a hall so will have more room for to enjoy your party.

What To Prepare:

Drinks and Food:
Try something different, everyone loves surprised. Make sure that you will have enough for all your guests. You can prepare some cocktail food, some shrimps, chicken wings, stuffed grapes or another alternative is to go and buy take out food from specialty restaurant. Japanese, Chinese or Indian.

If the party is going to be big. You can have it in bigger house, one of your friends. You can also consider renting a hall or you can have it outside as as cook out.

To make your party fun prepare some games, gags, gifts, movies, live entertainment and music. Music is important it will make or kill your party. Everyone loves dancing so itís good to prepare good CDs. Remember, girls party is fun!

Van or Limousine
You will be responsible of transporting your guests from their destination. Renting a limousine is a good idea but it's quite expensive. You can consider renting a big van with 15 people capacity. It's more cheaper but you will need driver. You can ask one of your friends to drive making sure that she can handle until everyone is dropped off.

Goodie Bags
Purchase a medium size gift bag and fill it with your goodies like hot lotion samples, condoms, bubble bath samples, penis shaped chocolate, penis pencil toppers. You can find all of these in the adult store.

Games and Activites

Dress up Time You can make your own bingo cards with Valentine pictures instead of numbers. Use hearts, flowers, chocolate kisses, doves, etc. For the Bingo chips you can use candies that won't melt or be sticky.

Pin It Make a bunch of penis cut outs about 3 inches from constructions papers. When all of your guests have arrived, hand these out to your guests and have them decorate and put their names on them. Using crayons, marker, glitters. Once they have done this then you can put tape on the back and pull out a pin up and then you can play pin the penis on the male pin-up. The one closest to the correct positioning would win a prize. You can also give prizes to the most creative penis designer.

Scavenger Hunt
You will need two team to perform these task. Each team needs a polaroid camera
to verify each task. Here's the task:
* Have A Guy Give You His Shirt.
* Kiss a bald man's bald spot and leave lipstick marks.
* Go to a movie theatre and find a poster of a guy. Erotically kiss and caress the picture.
* Collect 10 men's business cards with a "good luck" message on the back of the card
and pass them to your eligible friends.
* Collect a pair of men's underwear. One pair of Y-fronts and one pair of boxers.
Points deducted for skid marks.
* Kiss the most handsome guy in the rooom. To determine who's the most handsome is the
fun part of the game.
* Ask a guy for a change for the condom machine.
* Rub two different liquors on either side of your neck.
Have guys sample them and guess the flavor until someone gets both liquors correct.
Laugh hysterically while weird guys lick your friendís neck,
and ponder the taste the just sampled.
* drink the tequila from a shot glass; lick salt from a guy's neck;
bite the lime from the guy's mouth.
* Standing on a chair, remove your bra.
Some guys would love it if you took off your shirt to do this.
You can add more fun things to do on your list.

Here are some things to remember during the party:
* No pictures are allowed.
* No telling their future spouse where you will be.
* You should try to respect the wishes of the bride
but not necessarily the wishes of their future spouse.

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