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Bridal Shower Party Ideas

Wedding By Lynn Lopez

Bridal shower is traditionally known as gift-giving party held for the bride. But for some reason, nowadays people see bridal showers as the last chance a woman can have to get really crazy, have wild fun, and see naked men shake their bits in her face. If youíre the maid of honor or you just want to throw someone a bridal shower, you might want to try something different from getting naughty with dancing half-naked men.

Bridal Shower Party Ideas:

  • Make it a primping and pampering party. Try out different looks for the bride during her wedding day and help her decide how to look gorgeous on the big day.
  • Have a straightforward gift-giving party. You can even select a theme for the gifts people should be giving.
  • Take the bride and a few of her closest friends to a spa to get recharged and gorgeous before the wedding.
  • Have a ceremony. If she still has photographs, letters, or gifts from ex-boyfriends, you can all have a blast by looking them over, having a laugh, and ceremoniously getting rid of them.
  • Indulge in chocolate by having a chocolate fest. You just know everyone will go crazy over a massive chocolate tasting. Include the best chocolates, chocolate cake, ice cream, etc.

Itís all up to you how youíll approach the planning of the bridal shower party, but keep in mind that there are always fun alternatives. You definitely donít need to go bar-hopping and hire male strippers to have fun!

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