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Christmas Party Games

By Anna Lynn Sibal

Christmas parties are fun events that reflect the festiveness of the season. Are you looking for ways to make sure that your guests will have a rousing, happy time at your Christmas party? Then try these three fun Christmas party games.

Grouping Christmas Party Game

To get things warmed up, you can start with the Grouping Game. It is fast, it is lively and it is fun. What you do here is to gather all your guests in one room. You can act as the referee of the game or you can assign someone else to do it for you.

As the referee of the game, you get to call a number that is anywhere between two and a number that is half of the number of guests that you have at the party. When you call out “two,” your guests have to find a partner and link arms with him or her. When you call out “five,” your guests have to form groups of five and link arms with his or her group mates.

The person who fails to find a group is eliminated at every call. The winners are the guests who get to form the last group successfully.

Noah's Ark

We all know that in the story of Noah's Ark, Noah brought pairs of animals to be saved from the great flood. The object of the game is to “mate” the animal pairs among your participants. For this, you would need cards with names of animals, with a pair for each one.

When it is already time to play the game, you line up all your male guests and all your female guests in parallel lines. You also need to assign a referee, or you could be the referee yourself. After all the guests are lined up, you distribute your cards.

The guests have to find the "mates" of the animal assigned to them by acting the way that animal normally does. If a guest got assigned a dog, then he has to walk on fours and bark in order to find the other guest who was also assigned a dog. If the guest got assigned a duck, then he has to flap his “wings” and walk like a duck.

When a guest has found his or her pair, they hold hands and they run up to the referee. The first pair to be “mated” wins the game.

The Lifesaver Relay Race

This game is a staple of parties, but it never gets old. The goal of this game is to pass a piece of lifesaver candy or a pretzel using toothpicks without falling in the shortest time possible.

In this game, you get to make your guests divide into groups. All groups should have an equal number and each team should make a line that is parallel to the other teams. Once you have your guests grouped up, you distribute toothpicks, with one for each participant. The participants should hold the toothpick between their lips. Afterwards, you give the lifesaver candy or the pretzel to the lead member of each team.

The lead member of the team should pass the lifesaver candy or the pretzel to the person behind him or her using only the toothpicks and not their hands. If any member of the team drops the candy or the pretzel, the candy or the pretzel is returned to the lead member of the team and the race starts all over again for this team. The first team to get the candy or the pretzel to the last member of their team wins the game.

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