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College Party

Party Party image © Yuri Arcurs
By Valerie Mellema

When youíre in college, sometimes you need to take a break from all the studying. Studying is, of course, the most important thing you need to do, but there are many reasons to celebrate while you are in school. Take these times to throw an exciting college party.

Remember that most college parties are being thrown on campus so you need to keep it respectable. Have a good time, but be sure that no one is going to get in trouble. By inviting the right crowd, this can happen. Start off with a list of people that you know like to have fun and are in your inner circle. Make sure that you donít let other people start inviting people that you donít know. This can lead to things happening at your party that you may not want to happen.

Make sure you let everyone know what kind of college party it is. If you donít want a wild party with drinking, then be firm when you send out invitations. You may be looking for a quiet night with friends talking about the latest in politics and debating philosophy. Whatever type of party you have, be sure you give your friends your friends plenty of notice.

If you are looking to have a little more exciting party than make sure you still set the rules ahead. You can have a great college party without having the campus police called. Get your invitations out early, or send out flyers. Ask everyone if they can bring a small food item. College students can be a little short on money, so asking everyone to contribute a little something is ok. This may be a great way for everyone to celebrate finals being over or passing a big test.

Once you find out what everyone is bringing and have set the date, make sure that your apartment is decorated and has a party atmosphere. You can get cheap decorations at a party store. Make sure that you have a music system, even if it is just music streaming from your computer. Everyone loves to relax to good music so this will be the most important thing, besides food, that you will want to have at your party. So get your invitations out and get ready for some fun.

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