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Dinner Party

By Wendi Garcia

Exquisite Dinner Party Ideas for a Formal Occasion

If there is one thing we love about a dinner party is that you get to spend time with friends and family.
However, there is some amount of pressure and stress if you are the one hosting a formal dinner. Not only are you expected to serve exquisite food, you are also responsible for setting the mood, keeping guests entertained, and making sure that everyone is having a grand time.

To help you prepare a wonderful formal dinner party, here are some tips to keep in mind.

Setting the mood

To make guests feel at home and comfortable, play ambient music of soothing and relaxing tunes and melodies. You can also make use of candles to illumine the surroundings and create a dreamy or romantic atmosphere that guests would surely love. Use unscented candles that will not interfere with the aroma of the food. Decorate the table with luscious blooms of flower centerpieces.

Breaking the ice

Even if it is a formal dinner, you can still have some fun games to keep guests entertained. Simple games such as placing winning tags on the bottom of certain plates so that the person who gets the tag wins a prize will keep things interesting for everyone. You can also have random draw lots, door prizes or two truths and a lie during the dinner.

Planning the Menu

A typical formal party would have an elaborate menu and dinnerware. Two to three appetizers, a salad, a main course, side dishes, dessert, and beverage are part of a typical formal dinner meal. Appetizers are bite-sized food that guests eat while mingling. These can be anything from canapes, cold cuts, cheese to sausage, dumplings, bruschetta, and garlic bread.

Once seated, the soup and/or salad will be served. This is served with water and wine. As for the main course, you need to have a large protein dish with vegetable side dishes. Be sure to offer alternatives to meat for guests who are vegan or vegetarian. Some examples of scrumptious main course include lamb roast, filet mignon, prime rib, baked lobster, balsamic Dijon chicken, and smoked pork ribs.

Now when it comes to dessert, you can have a decadent black forest cake, cheesecake, chocolate truffles, fruit platters, or chocolate dipped fruits. Wine, coffee and tea are also served at this point.

Preparing the Dinnerware

Choose your best linen, china and silverware for the dinner party. Ideally, you should set the table in advance like a day or hours before the event to give you plenty of time in welcoming and entertaining the guests. Check out pointers on how to set the table properly for a formal dinner.

More Dinner Party Tips

  • Make sure the dinner venue is spick and span. Even the powder room should be clean and tidy. Prepare extra toilet tissue as well as clean hand towels.
  • Fill up the salt and pepper shakers. Put the refreshments in the chiller. Prepare the kitchen and organize everything needed for the dinner cooking.
  • Put name slips on the table to ensure that the guests find their seating assignments.
  • Coordinate tablecloth, napkins, and placemats to give the table a coherent look.

    Preparing a formal dinner party is not as difficult as it sounds. Just make sure you have all these pointers in mind so you will be able to host a wonderful dinner party where everyone would have an enjoyable time.

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