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Disco Ball Birthday Party

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Disco Ball Birthday Party

disco ball

Print invitations like a disco ball and write inside: You're invited to last name's dance floor. Be prepared for the dancing diva of your life! Include the date, time and location of your disco ball party.

Colors-Yellow, red, orange, purple, and blue, all vivid colors for fun. You can cut-outs pictures of famous dancers. If you have laser lights or black lights try them. A Fog machine is cool too! (Put that on the invitation if you're going to have them there)

Foods And Cake
Sheet cake, frost w/ bright colors, and sprinkles if you like. Then make music notes or a boom box for the rest of the frosting. You can prepare some finger food too.


Pin The Tail
Pin the tail on the donkey is a classic, even if you're a teen.

Statue Dance
This dance game has several players. Let your guess choose their partner. Dance along with the beat and every time music stop playing, you have to stop dancing and freeze. The judge will look around the players to see if someone is moving or smiling. If the judge caught anyone moving or smiling they will be out from the game. The last pair wins the game.

Newspaper Dance
The idea is similar to the statue dance but the couple will need a newspaper. They will dance with the music and when it stopped, the couple should stand on the newspaper, making sure that their feet don't go over the edge of the newspaper. The judge will look around and to check the couples feet. The one who breaks the rule is out. Then in the second round the couple will fold their paper half and the same rule applies. Their feet should be on the newspaper and doesn’t go over or beyond the newspaper. They can do whatever position as long as both their feet are on the paper. Follow the same rules during the third time. Fold the paper more until it gets smaller and more difficult to stand. The last pair wins the game.

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