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Easy Party Appetizers

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Easy Party Appetizers

Party appetizers
By Valerie Mellema

Every once in a while it is nice to have friends over. The only trouble is that you donít want to be in the kitchen all day cooking. Appetizers are obviously your choice of items to serve. No one goes to a party expecting to eat a full meal. There are some easy party appetizers that you can make that are simple, yet delicious.

Of course the most obvious, and easiest, thing to have at a party is chips and dip. If you donít want to have salsa out of a jar and you donít want to be in the kitchen all day, you can cook Taco Joe Dip in your crock pot. It is a hit that everyone will love. All you have to do is mix a package of taco seasoning with a can of kidney beans, a can of corn and a can of black beans. Throw in an eight ounce can of tomato paste and a half a cup of chopped onion and you have an easy dip that will cook itself all day and everyone will eat all night. It makes about seven cups and every ounce will be eaten. People will be licking the bowl and asking you where you got your recipe.

Another easy appetizer is sausage in a blanket. Buy little sausages and wrap them in bacon. Use a toothpick to keep them together. Everyone will enjoy this new style of pigs in a blanket. If they donít, have some deviled eggs on hand along with some quesadillas. Both are very easy to make and do not require a lot of ingredients.

If you donít want to do a lot of cooking, pick up a couple of bags of already made barbeque wings. Throw them in the oven and cook them for about twenty minutes. These are perfect for super bowl parties. If you are having a lot of people over and donít want it to get to expensive, pick up a few bags of Chex Mix and pop some popcorn. The key is to try to have a variety of things to eat. Plan to have some hot items and some cold items. Veggie trays are also a hit and are already made for you at most groceries stores. Donít let making appetizers keep you from having a party. They are easier than you think.

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