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First Birthday Party

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First Birthday Party

baby birthday

Can be printed to look like newspaper headlines.
" ______ Just Turned One"
Example: “Althea Just Turned One!!! “

Or you can make invitations by printing it on acid-free scrapbook paper Print on them a little story of his/her past year: One year ago on March 03, 2003 a little angel blessed our lives. We named her Althea Frances, in the past year she has learned so much, how to drink from a cup, feed herself, crawl and almost walk, talk, laugh, and love. Now she is calling on all her favorite friends and family to help celebrate a wonderful past year and a big kick off for the next. Your presence is requested at the very first birthday party for Thea.

Balloons, streamers, baby books, photo albums and photos of the birthday child. For a special reminder of the day, make an album celebrating baby's 1st year. The front could be set up like a news magazine. Include newspaper items from the day he was born.

Tasty finger foods and a special cake with a huge number one candle on it.

Favors For Guests
Make small frames from cardboard and let your party guests decorate the frames with baby-themed wrapping paper, contact paper, or stickers. Then pass out photos from the past year of each guest with your baby, and let them place the photo inside the frame for a keepsake.


Baby's Memory Book
Invite all of your party guests to write a memory of your baby's 1st birthday. Take a picture of each guest at the party with your child, and combine the words and photos to create a simple but memorable birthday present - a baby scrapbook!

Baby Guessing Game
Make up questions from the baby's milestones the ask trivia questions such as:
How much did the baby weigh at birth?
What time was she born?
When did the baby first sleep through the night?
What was her first word?
When did he first crawl? Walk?
Who's her doctor?
and so on ...
The person who can guess right gets a prize.

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