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Fortune Shower Graduation Party

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Fortune Shower Graduation Party

graduation flower

Make invitations into graduation caps. Get a piece of paper and fold each corner into the center. Make tassels and paste them into the middle of the folded back of the paper. Inside the folded corner write the invitation message.

Hang some streamers, banners or leaflet of "Congratulations". Decorate some silver and gold balloons. Make some graduation caps of different colors and hang them at the ceiling.


Graduation Cupcakes
You will need:
boxed chocolate cake mix
canned chocolate frosting
chocolate graham crackers
licorice strings
food coloring

Bake cupcakes according to box directions. (No cupcake wrappers needed, but grease and flour the muffin tins.) Remove cupcakes from oven and let cool completely. Then remove from the tins. Turn each cake upside down on a foil-lined cookie sheet. Color frosting with food coloring, usually the school colors. Spread frosting on the cupcake sides and some on top, careful, it might get "crummie". Frost the gram craker and stick on top of the cupcake. The entire masterpiece should now be entirely frosted. Tie licorice strings into tassels and use frosting to attach to the caps.

Get a personalized keychain and have it print with your picture with label of your name and the date of your graduation party or get some inspiring keychain messages.

Games & Activities:

Time Box
Make a time capsule. Have each person bring something that has to do with their years in high school. Place this in a box and give to someone for safe keeping until their ten year reunion.

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