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Fun Party Games For Couples

By Anna Lynn Sibal

Having a party where only couples are invited and the goal of the party is to make the two halves of each couple to be much closer to each other, a few games that would test just how much these couples know each other may sound fun, as long as it is done in good form. Here are three party games that can be played in couples-only parties.

Shaving Game

Getting dirty can be fun in a great number of instances, and playing this game is one of those instances. The couples pair off and the guy is made to sit down. Someone, perhaps the host or the referee, will smear shaving cream or whipped cream around the lower half of his face and his neck, just like what men usually do when shaving.

Once that is done, the women will be given small plastic spoons and within a given time period, usually thirty seconds to a minute, they should be able to shave their men by scooping the shaving cream or the whipped cream from their faces. The woman who manages to get the shaving done first wins the game.

When this game is played, though, the host should have a bowl into which the women can dump the shaved off cream, as well as clean towels ready for their guests’ use.

Two Truths and a Lie

There is always something that a person does not know about his or her partner. Getting to know what that something is can surprise everyone and even blow them away.

In the game "Two Truths and a Lie," the participants are given an index card and are made to list down two true things about him- or herself and add to that list one item that does not hold true. For example, the two truths could be “I play the guitar left-handed” and “I sing loudly in the shower,” while the lie could be “Black is my favorite color.” These cards will then be turned over to the host, or whoever is acting as the referee for the game.

Once the referee has all the cards, he or she will read what is written on those cards and make the others guess which of the three items listed are the two truths and which is the lie.

The Newlyweds Game

This game is the classic couples' game – testing just how well a person remembers both significant and trivial details about his or her partner and their relationship. In this game, each participant is given a sheet of paper, a small whiteboard or a small blackboard to write on, as well as writing pens. The participants – the two halves making the couple, most especially – should not be able to see what the other is writing.

The host or the referee of the game will then ask questions like "When is your wedding anniversary?" or "Where did the two of you meet?" or "What is your partner’s favorite color?" To score a point, both halves of the couple should be able to answer the question correctly. The couple with the most points wins.

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