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Get Up and Play Graduation Party

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Get Up and Play Graduation Party


Make some water balloons filled with air and tie in a colored barbeque stick. You can have it painted with acrylic paints or any other paints. In a small piece of paper print your invitation message and paste the corner in the sticks like tags.

Party should be done outdoor with big plastic pools filled with water and water balloons all over. Balloons and Balls with confetti and streamers hang will make the party motif look good exciting and bright.

Make your own ice cream sundae perfect for your outdoor graduation party. Serve a chilled drinks and Butterscotch Squares

Get a beach ball and place a personalized sticker with your name and your graduation date.

Games & Activities:

Water Balloon Toss
A water balloon toss is always fun, just like an egg toss the water balloon is toss by opposite teams and team who could drop the most will be out of the game.
Choose the balloon colors to match the school colors.

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