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Girls Party

By Wendi Garcia

Exciting Girls Party Ideas that you and your Girlfriends will Love

It's true, girls just wanna have fun! With the daily life stresses, it is only right that you get to enjoy once in a while.
If you are thinking about hosting a party for your girlfriends, here are some wonderful girls party ideas that would surely be a hit.


To make planning easier and the party more fun, think of a theme that all of you would love. For example, if you and your friends are fond of spa treatments and anything that has to do with pampering, then you would enjoy a spa party. If you are party girls, a girl's night out in a bar or a concert event would be the ideal choice. If you are talented (or frustrated) singers, you would surely have fun belting it out with a karaoke night. Other party ideas to consider include fashion show, slumber / pajama party, beach party, garden tea gathering, and so many more.

Food and Drinks

What's a party without a food feast and superb drinks, right? If you are all of legal age to drink, you can serve alcoholic beverages like cocktails, wine, beer, and so on. As for the food, it would be a great idea to serve dishes that are in line with the theme. For a karaoke party, finger foods will do. For a formal gathering, serve multi-course dinner consisting of appetizers, soup, salad, main course, and dessert.

Fun and Games

Keep the girls entertained with the right kind of games. Again, it would be great to do things that would complement the theme. For a spa party, you can do each other's nails and the one with the most beautiful creation wins a prize. If you are having a fashion show kind of event, the one who gets the most claps while walking down the catwalk takes home a gift.
You can also entertain the girls with some bingo games. If you want to learn how to play, Posh Bingo is one of the best bingo sites you can find.

Some tips for planning

    1. Send out the invites early. Just like you, your girlfriends are quite busy with work and other things that keep them occupied. It is a must to send out invites in advance so that they would be able to fit your party into their schedule.

    2. Give out souvenirs. Even if it is as simple as a nail polish bottle (for a spa party) or a tea cup (for a tea party), the important thing is your girlfriends would have something to commemorate this wonderful event with.

    3. Keep the menu simple. You donít need to cook elaborate dishes just to impress your girlfriends. Better yet, hire a catering service so you donít have to tire yourself in creating dishes for the party.

    4. Prepare exciting prizes. This is to ensure that your girlfriends would really join the games that you have prepared for them.

Having a girls party is one of the best ways to spend quality time with your closest friends. But make sure that you keep the party simple so you don't have to stress yourself with the whole planning and preparations. It would be hard for you to enjoy if you are already very tired.

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