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Halloween Scavenger Hunt

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Halloween Scavenger Hunt

The great thing about scavenger hunts is that everyone loves them. You can also do them for all types of holidays and parties. This Halloween scavenger hunt is designed for kids, although adults can particpate, too. A little bit of set-up is required and several assistants can be placed around in stations to help. Scavenger hunts are best in pairs, especially when you want an ice-breaker among participants.

What you need (Modify to meet your own needs):

  • Pencils for each group/pair
  • Bag or container to hold all items
  • Copies of Halloween Scavenger Hunt
  • Plastic Skeletons
  • Plastic Spiders
  • Treats (candy or any other sort of toy)
  • Toy Eyeballs
  • Toy Bats
  • Apples
  • Apple-bobbing bowl
  • Toy Monsters
  • Toy worms/slimey creatures
  • Hula Hoops
  • Ring toss
  • Prize for winner


  • Make copies of the scavenger hunt
  • Provide everyone with a bag or container to hold items
  • Provide everyone with a pen or pencil
  • Have an adult at the apple bobbing station to sign when they do the task.
  • Have another adult at the ring toss/hula hoop station to sign when they complete the task.

Hide the following items in the following places:

  1. Skeletons in a closet (#1, see below)
  2. Spiders all over (#2)
  3. Hide treats under a bed sheet (#3)
  4. Place eyeballs inside a jack-o-lantern. Jack-o-lantern needs to be outside (#4)
  5. Place bats in or around trees (#5)
  6. Setup Apple Bobbing station (#6)
  7. Monsters under a bed (#7)
  8. Slimey things in bathtub (#8)
  9. Set up a ring toss and hula hoop station (#9)

Spooky Scavenger Hunt

Directions: You can find all these things no matter your age or size. The first with them all wins the Halloween Prize.

1. They hide like a secret. They are skinny and white.
Find them where clothes are kept out of sight.

2. They are all over the place with eight legs and eight eyes.
Look everywhere and take one small in size.

3. The easiest costume is this Casper kind.
Look under this costume and a clue you will find.

4. A large Jack-O-Lantern guards the outside.
Open the lid. Take a thing from inside.

5. Bats like to swoop and screech in the night.
You can find them in the trees, within your sight.

6. For clue number eight you will have to get wet.
Bob for an apple and a signature youíll get: ____________________

7. Some of these scream and some of them creep.
They hide underneath the place where you sleep.

8. Creepy, crawly, slimey, gooey, and green.
Sometimes these things need to be washed clean.

9. It isnít enough to find these Halloween things
You must complete tasks with the hoops and the rings.

Contributed by Chris Molnar, editor of, a website devoted to halloween decorations, ideas, and inspiration for the home haunter. Chris is a work-at-home dad with two daughters - the eldest dressed as Belle last Halloween and discovered the joys of trick or treating.

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