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Harry Potter Party Ideas

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Harry Potter Party Ideas

Harry Potter By Lynn Lopez

Both the book series and the movie franchise are big, and there’s no doubt that Harry Potter has gained quite a following over the years. Children and grown-ups alike enjoy the series and there’s no doubt that a Harry Potter party theme can be fun for everyone. Parties of this kind can best be held during Halloween or birthdays, but you can also throw a Harry Potter-themed celebration during family reunions, especially if your family has a good sense of humor and is keen on dressing up. It’s also a good idea for you and fellow fans to herald the release of the last two movies. It can be perfect for any event, actually, as long as you have the important elements down pat.

You can just buy the usual Harry Potter decorations at party stores, of course, but you can dress up the event with your own magical touches.

Harry Potter party ideas:

  • Find a recipe for pumpkin juice and serve it as part of your party’s selection of drinks. Butterbeer should be another hit. The recommended ingredients for mixing butterbeer include cream soda, butterscotch syrup, and milk, but you can look for more butterbeer recipes on the Internet.
  • Buy jellybeans and place them in pouches throughout the party venue. They won’t be as interesting as Bertie Bott’s Every Flavor Beans, but at least they’ll be good and won’t give anyone a nasty surprise!
  • Make it a costume party. Black cloaks and pointy hats are always a staple, but people can also come in the Hogwarts school uniform or even put on everyday outfits worn by Harry, Ron, and Hermione in the movies.
  • Decorate the place with owl or cat plush toys.
  • Have games and contests and name the teams after the Hogwarts houses, or you can divide teams in two and call one side “Order of the Phoenix” and the other “Death Eaters”.
  • Play music from the movies’ soundtrack in the background.

If everyone attending the party is a big fan of Harry Potter, then you might want to consult them about what they would like to see during the event. That way, everyone can contribute their own bit of magic to the party!

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