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Haunted House Halloween Party

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Haunted House Halloween Party

haunted house

Rent an old mansion for an evening gathering that's sure to scare up excitement. Include a vial of smelling salts in each invitation to revive attendees who faint from fright.

Shape of ghost invitation. Cut a white paper with the shape of a ghost. Cut a black colored paper with a circle shape for the eyes. And write down your invitations message either at the back or front.

Cake and Foods:

Ghost Cupcakes
24 baked cupcakes
24 Nutter-Butter cookies
Chocolate frosting
Vanilla frosting
Tube of chocolate decorator's icing
Coat each baked cupcake with chocolate frosting and partially insert a Nutter-Butter cookie into the top. Frost the remaining cookie with vanilla frosting. Draw a spooky expression on each ghost with the decorator's icing.

Fill bowls with cold, cooked spaghetti and peeled grapes for a slimy-textured surprise for guests. Pulled-cotton cobwebs look great hanging from the ceiling and in corners. A large cauldron filled with dry ice will create a great touch to your spooky atmosphere. Color a paper skeleton with highlighting markers and illuminate with a black light for an eerie party guest.

Games and Activities

Gross Things
Feel gross things box make sure they can't see what they are feeling. Place a pudding in a plastic bag (a heart), potato chips (scabs), dried apricots (ears), peeled grapes (eye balls), tapioca (frog eggs). Allow the guest to guess the content of the box. A person who guess one item gets a bag of goodies.

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