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Holiday Cookie Exchange Christmas Party

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Holiday Cookie Exchange Christmas Party

By Julie

gift bag

This party works nicely as a "Ladies Night Out" party, early in December with as little as 6 guests or as many as you can accommodate. It also can be a fun mother/daughter event.

Print the invitations from my computer using festive clip art
and the wording is ....
The best holiday memories are often made of good friends,
good food, and a little slice of time together.
Please join us for hors d'oeuvres and cocktails
at a Holiday Cookie Exchange ( date & time )
Please bring 3 dozen of your favorite home baked cookies to exchange...
anything, but chocolate chip!
This way you don't end up with everyone bringing chocolate chip cookies

Things you need to prepare:
Prepare some containers for your guest. It could be a decorated box, plastic tray with colored cellophane or decorated with stencil or you can buy cookie tins for everyone in a craft store. Set a nice table where you can put all the cookies and recipes. You will also need some prizes for your games like bottles of wine, cookie or flower scented candles. Look in the dollar store 10 or 15 different household or kitchen gadgets that you will need for your game.

Goodie Bags:
This is just optional, if you want to give your guest a little something as a token for coming in your party. You can buy a medium size gift bag and fill it with an apron, a few cookie cutters, mini rolling pin or extra kitchen/cooking gadgets (measuring spoons etc) a cookie scented candle, sprinkles, blank recipe cards and a spatula!

Games And Activities

What is it for?
You just gather maybe 10 or 15 different household or kitchen gadgets (look for new gadgets in the dollar store) in a bag and give everyone paper and a pen. One by one you pull out a utensil and have them each guess what it is and what itís used for...whoever gets the most answers right wins.

Cookie Exchange
Hand them each a cookie tin (or whatever it is you are using) and instruct them to choose any 3 combinations of any of the cookies on the table... totaling 36 cookies. Remind the to take the recipe cards as well. It really is a fun way to get together for the holidays and share some great cookie recipes too!

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