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Holiday Spirit Christmas Party

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Holiday Spirit Christmas Party


You can print out a Santa, Christmas tree or a star and paste them on cardstock paper. Write a small note inside inviting your guest to share tholiday spirit. You can also do some cut outs from a colored cardstock paper and put some glitter and sequins.

Cookie cutter sandwiches, star shaped cheese and crackers, veggies/dip and of course Christmas Cookies, decorated cupcakes or peppermint ice cream for dessert

Ordinary Christmas decoration will do. Set your table with nice Christmas colors. There are nice Christmas plate and table napkins available in the stores. Have someone dress up like Santa. It will be fun for the kids.


Musical Chair
Itís a nice game for the kids to enjoy and also for adults.

Find The Christmas Stars
Hide star ornaments before the party.
Divide the children into teams and send them
searching for an ornament.

Santa Trip
Players sit in a circle. The first player says,
" On Christmas Eve I'm traveling with Santa and
I'm going to take (something starting with A)"
The next player repeats the first object and adds an
object beginning with B continue the game through
the alphabet. If there are more players than 26 letters...
start again at "A".

You can also be Miss Santa

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