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Hot Tub Party

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Hot Tub Party

Hot tub By Anna Lynn Sibal

People, women especially, love going to the spa because of the relaxing feeling they get from that place. In a spa, people get to be pampered from head to toe and shed away the stress from their bodies by sitting in a hot tub. Many people try to duplicate the spa experience at home by getting their own hot tubs. Hot tubs can definitely be enjoyed alone, but if you want to share your homemade hot tub experience with a select few of your friends, there is no reason for you not to hold a hot tub party.

There are many kinds of hot tub parties, but what we are going to describe here has something of an intimate setting that will try to replicate the soothing atmosphere in a spa. This kind of hot tub party is best made up of only four to eight people, especially if the hot tub that the host has is not that big. Such intimate settings, after all, are best shared among very close friends or family.

For a hot tub party, you would need to prepare your hot tub. You have to make sure that the tub as well as the surrounding area is squeaky clean before the party itself. No one wants to sit inside a slippery tub and a dirty environment will not contribute to the overall spa atmosphere that you are going for. Make sure that nothing is floating on the water and that the water is heated up already when the guests start arriving.

If your hot tub party is going to be held in the daytime and the hot tub is located outdoors, it would be great to have beach umbrellas and lounge chairs installed around your hot tub for the guests to sit on. You would not want them standing around and suffering from sunburn. However, if the hot tub party is going to be held at night, lighting some citronella candles and putting them around the hot tub will not only heighten the spa atmosphere but will also drive the bugs away.

Some spa music can also help enhance the mood you are going for in your hot tub party. Meditation music or soothing instrumentals would do very nicely. You can also use tracks of nature sounds, such as the sound of the rain or of birds chirping or of the waves splashing against rocks. You can buy a CD of such tracks from any music store or new age shop.

Depending on whether or not you are going to let your guests give massages to each other, you may need to prepare body oils and lotions for such a purpose. Extra towels may also be helpful.

You also have to have some light snacks around. Since it is not advised to eat heavily after a visit to the spa, some light finger foods will do. Perhaps some small tuna or chicken sandwiches, some crepes or wraps, or some cocktail dishes would suffice. You also need to have drinks around. Hot tea and iced tea, fruit juices, and even some light wine or liqueurs would do.

Make your hot tub party an event where your guests can just relax, unwind and peel the stress off their bodies.

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