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Lingerie Party

Lingerie party By Anna Lynn Sibal

The term lingerie party may be a little baffling to those who are not familiar with it. If you do not know what a lingerie party is, the first thing that probably came to your mind may be a social gathering of adults where everyone is clad only in their underwear.

Lingerie parties do involve wearing – and sometimes removing – underwear, but a lingerie party basically is a social event where the guests get to buy quality women’s lingerie at a discounted price. At the same time, they get to partake of the food and drinks the hostess has prepared for them as well as engage in some naughty games involving lingerie.

Dressing up for a lingerie party may be a challenge. After all, it is an adult party and it is an opportunity to meet people of the opposite sex. But how is a woman to dress at such a party?

Picking the Right Outfit for a Lingerie Party

Since the event is going to be a lingerie party and the lingerie party can be used as an excuse to be teasing and alluring to the guys, it can be very tempting to show up wearing something that is ultra-sexy and baring more than just a little skin. When that temptation calls to you, remember this: do not give in.

It is perfectly okay to look pretty and sexy at a lingerie party, but there is a line that divides what looks sexy and what looks trashy. Try not to cross that line. When you go to a lingerie party, the best outfit you can come up with is something that emphasizes the right curves of your body. If you are wearing plus-sized clothing, it is okay. Full-figured women should be able to show off the ripeness of their bodies.

It is more advisable to wear separates at a lingerie party, however. Party girls like to try on different lingerie ...


Putting on the right accessories to go with the dress can heighten the sexy look that you may be aiming for when you put together your lingerie party outfit. Your clothes themselves may be on the conservative side, but with the added punch given by the right accessories, you can come off as sexy and attractive at the lingerie party.

Take chandelier earrings, for example. Depending on the style, chandelier earrings with upswept hair can have a slenderizing effect and look so good with a halter top. It can also make an otherwise confining turtleneck shirt look stylish and alluring.

You should pay attention to your makeup as well. Highlight the best features of your face with makeup, but try not to overdo it. Heavy makeup does not have a place in a lingerie party.

Lingerie parties are fun events to go to. Look your sexiest at a lingerie party, but without looking cheap or trashy.

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