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Party Cove

Party Cove
By Valerie Mellema

Whether you are young and looking for some fun, or older and looking for some fun, the answer is still the same, Party Cove. This little area in the Lake of the Ozarks is known for big fun. Many people travel from all over the United States just to spend a few days at Party Cove. Although the cove has moved a few times due to real estate and other changes, it still keeps bringing in thousands of people for fun, entertainment and excitement.

When you hit Party Cove, you will see boats and beer all over the place. The atmosphere is one that you canít find many places. The boat names sound like names that you would hear in a strip club. And stripping is something that you just may see if you hang out on the water long enough.

Party Cove has been in existence and quite a few men and women could tell stories of the things they once did there. What goes on at Party Cove usually stays at Party Cove though. Unless you were with them, you probably wonít hear about it. What can almost be guaranteed is that there was some sex and partying going on.

Sex is also something that is quite open to the public on the lake. There are many couples that have no shame in their game and openly display their affection for each other. Boats will drift by others while couples are being intimate with each other. It doesnít matter if it is day or night either. Just remember that at the cove, toplessness is illegal, but bottomlessness isnít.

For the most part, there are many people out there looking to have some good clean fun. The young people are mostly drinking and hanging out with their friends. Every once is a while some will get rowdy and start ballooning other boats or shooting off guns. It is the water and the sun that usually draws people here, but it is the party atmosphere and over indulgence of fun that keeps people coming back.
Party Cove is the one place that you can let yourself get a little wild. Enjoy it while you can.

Party Cove in Lake of the Ozarks is one of the wildest adventure spots in the United States. See the Top adventure destinations in the world

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