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By Anna Lynn Sibal

Party dresses are fun. Putting together a fabulous outfit to wear at a party is just as enjoyable as wearing it to the party itself, and sometimes even more. Party dresses are a great way to express yourself in a glamorous way and impress other people with how awesome you look.


It is not actually that hard to put together a fantastic party dress. However, with party fabric supplies coming in a variety of colors and designs, However, with party fabric supplies coming in a variety of colors and designs, choosing the right party dress may seem difficult and tiresome to some people, especially those who do not go to parties that much. Typical worries about shopping for party dresses include getting a dress that is too simple or too showy for the occasion, getting a dress that looks wrong on you, or worse, getting a dress that is the exact same dress that another person at the party is wearing.

There is no real need to worry, though. With a few tips and tricks, you can get the party dress of your dreams without breaking a sweat.



The Party Occasion

There are a few questions that you have to ask yourself before buying party dresses, and the first set of questions would have to be these: For what occasion is the party going to be, and is it going to be a casual, a semi-formal or a formal event?

Answering these questions would help you pick a dress that is appropriate for the party you will be attending. If it is just a Sunday afternoon barbecue with the extended family, perhaps something simple and comfortable will do. If it is a Hawaiian luau that you will be attending, then you will need something fun, flirty and colorful. If it is a formal wedding reception, a ball gown may be in order.

Body Type, Size and Coloring

Once you have determined the occasion and the formality of the party, you would need to figure out your body type and size. As for body type, a woman can either be top-heavy (the chest are larger than the hips), bottom-heavy (the hips are wider than the chest), rectangular (no curves) or hourglass-shaped (very curvy). Some styles of party dresses favor certain body types. The important thing is that whatever style of the dress that you get is, this style should suit your body type and flatter your figure.

Size is another essential consideration in choosing a party dress. Needless to say, you have to get a dress that is just the right size for you. Wearing something that is too big may drown you while wearing something that is too small will hug your body and accentuate the features of your figure that you may want to hide instead of reveal. Either way, wearing a dress that is not your size is very uncomfortable.

You should also get a dress that suits your personal coloring. Blondes look great with pastels while darker-skinned women look better in dresses with jewel tones. Redheads look hideous in orange dresses, while women with light brown hair look like washouts in beige and pale yellow.

Alterations and Return Policies

There are times when the dress you bought is not actually right for you and you realized it only when you got home after the purchase. The same goes for when you have shopped for your party dress online. Such instances are unavoidable, but if the store you bought it from has a good return policy, it should not be that much of a problem.

Alterations may also be necessary to make sure that the dress you have is the perfect length and fit for you. Once you get your party dress, feel free to visit your local tailor to get your dress altered to suit you.

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