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Party favors By Valerie Mellema

Whenever you are having a party, you want to make it as festive as you can. After all, you donít have parties every day. Of course, the type of party dictates what type of favors you want to buy. There are stores that are designed just for parties and various occasions. Almost every big city has one. There are also quite a few web sites that sell party favors.

If you are looking to have a party for a child, there are decorations and favors in almost every color and theme that you can think of. If you have a little girl, then there are princess, Bratz and ďpinkĒ themes. Boys often have truck and Spiderman or Batman themes. If you are looking for anything else, then you can usually do a search on the Internet. Most likely someone will have the subject that you are looking for.

Usually these decorations come with many types of party favors. You can get favors for little girls like Mermaid tiaras, Princess blowouts or coloring books that match your theme. Many girls like to get temporary tattoos and stickers as party favors. If you are buying them for boys, then you should look at things like pirate eye patches, animal whistles and kazoos. Older boys may like to receive sports favors like football key chains or mini pinball games.

The best party favors are for those that are turning 40, 50 or 60. CDís full of songs from the year that they were born are a great hit. You can also get them handicapped parking signs for the forty, fifty or sixty year old, or a pill box as a joke. Many over the hill items can be purchased online or in party stores. Have fun with these birthdays because they come around only once.

Party favors for baby showers are a lot of fun. Little clothes pins can be used or mini pacifiers. There are recipes on the web for shower cookies that you can make. Take your time and look around. Whatever kind of party you are having, there are party favors for them. Make your party one that the special person will remember for a lifetime.

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