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Fun Party Games For Children

By Anna Lynn Sibal

Children's parties need to be noisy, entertaining, and most of all, fun. There is nothing sadder than a children’s party where the kids attending the party are all sitting quietly and not really doing anything.

When planning for games to hold during a children’s party, you really would not go wrong with the classics. Here are three classic games for children’s parties.

Musical Chairs

We all know that in musical chairs, whoever stays in the game longest wins. To carry out the game, you have to line up chairs in the game area. The number of chairs should be one less the number of children participating in the game. The kids then form a circle around the line of chairs.

Once the music starts, the kids have to dance around the chairs as well. They have to dance; just walking around the chairs would be cheating. When the music is turned off, the children will then scramble for the chairs. The child who does not secure a chair is eliminated, and then one of the chairs is removed from the queue. The dancing starts again until only one chair remains and two children are left to fight for the chair. The child who secures the last chair is the winner.

Guessing Games or Charades

In charades, a person gets to pick a word from a draw and then make the others guess what that word is. He or she cannot speak out hints – the hints should be done through gestures.

There are two options in doing the charades for children. Either an adult gets to act out all the charades and let the children guess the word, or the children themselves would do the acting. In either way, the participating children are divided into two groups. Each team gets a chance to guess the word being acted out within a given time limit. When the said team fails to do so within the allotted time, the other team is given the chance to steal. Every correct guess scores a point for the team, and the team with the most number of points at the end of the game wins.

Play-Doh Guessing Game

Another take on charades involves the use of Play-Doh or any other modeling clay. The children are divided into teams of three or four and each team is given some jars of modeling clay to play with. A member of the team draws a word from a box filled with little pieces of paper written with simple words.

The team members then talk together and then they interpret what the word written on the paper is by molding clay. They cannot form letters, however. When they are done with their clay figure, they present it to the other teams to give them a chance to guess the word illustrated by the clay figure.

The team that guesses the word scores a point, but if no one guesses it, the score belongs to the team that created the figure. On the next round, another team gets to draw a word and form their clay figure.

Other Games

Children like to spend energy, run around, have fun. One nice way to do that is with bouncy castles.

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