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Fun Party Games For Family Reunions

By Anna Lynn Sibal

Family reunions are awesome opportunities for extended families to be introduced to and to connect with distant relatives, as well as for family members to get to know one another. Here are three party games that will definitely make each one feel that they are all members of one family by the time the reunion ends and they all go back home.

Guess the Story

Each person in the family circle has a story to tell that not everyone in the family knows about. It is even possible that for the size of a person’s family, only one other person knows about that story. It could be because that story is too embarrassing or too risqué to be passed on to others.

The game "Guess the Story" has two goals. The first goal is to reveal just how deeply each family member knows one another. The other goal is to share information that is not commonly known about a particular family member, thus deepening the commune amongst family.

To play this game, all participating family members get to write a short anecdote about themselves without including revealing information about their identities. These anecdotes can be written on a card or on a sheet of paper. To make the game run quickly, the anecdote has to have a limit of, say, three to five sentences. When they are done, they drop their stories inside a box.

A member of the family starts the game off by drawing a story from the body. He or she reads the story to the rest of the family. Afterwards, he or she asks the others to guess whose story it is. The identified author of the anecdote gets to draw and read the next story.

I Spy Game

The organizer of the family reunion can covertly gather baby pictures of the other family members before the date of the reunion. He or she can paste these baby pictures on large pieces of cardboard. He or she can also scan these pictures and create a digital slideshow out of them.

At the time of the reunion itself, the organizer can display the baby pictures or play the slideshow, and then make the participating family members guess whose baby pictures are being displayed. Scores are tallied and the person with the most number of correct guesses wins the game.

Capture the Flag

Capture the Flag is a classic game in family reunions. The participating family members are divided into two teams – the Blue Team and the Red Team. Each team has its own flag, which it must hide and protect on its own hill. The aim of the game is for a team to be able to steal the flag of the opposing team without being jailed. Each team will have to guard its own field and tag any member of the opposing team that they can catch. Those who got tagged will be jailed until either someone has successfully captured the flag or until someone of their own team tags him or her free.

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