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By Wendi Garcia

Party Themes for a Hit Celebration

Party themes are great for a variety of reasons. For one, it makes the planning much easier because your choices are narrowed down significantly. Aside from that, it gives the event a unique feel that would make guests remember the special celebration even after so many years.

Below, you will find a collection of incredible party theme ideas for different kinds of celebrations. Remember, this is just a general guide and you can choose to use any theme for whatever kind of celebration you are planning to have as long as you do it in good taste.

Kid's Birthday

For a kid's birthday party, you would want to keep things fun and exciting for these little tots who are notorious for their short attention span. Beach themes like a pool party, Hawaiian, or Little Mermaid is a wonderful choice if the celebration will be held during the summer season or if you have a pool in your home. Sports themes (basketball, football, baseball) are suitable for an athletic birthday celebrant. Superhero, cartoons (Dora the Explorer, Disney characters, SpongeBob, Little Einsteins, and so on) safari, and western cowboys are always a big hit with most children.

Sweet Sixteen

For a girl celebrating her sweet sixteen, a costume party like mardi gras, masquerade or hat party is ideal if she and her friends are fond of dressing up. Speaking of dressing up, a fashion show theme like Project Runway would also be fitting. This is the better choice if the celebrant and her friends want to "strut" their fashion style on the catwalk. If the celebrant has always dreamed of becoming a princess, she would love a Princess or Fairy Tale theme party that can be held in a castle or any place decorated as such.

Adult Birthday

Who said kids are the only ones who can have fun birthday parties? Adults too can have a blast with these fabulous party theme ideas, which include: new wave 80's, retro 70's, Las Vegas roller party, Mexican fiesta, Broadway musical, spa, BBQ, Super bowl, cocktails, Oscar Awards, poker night, karaoke, wine and cheese, salsa dancing, Hollywood, and so many more.

Wedding Themes

Wedding themes are also very popular these days because most brides want to their big day to spell the words, unique and memorable. Some wedding themes to consider are Hawaiian luau, tropical island, nautical, country, garden, vintage, renaissance, Victorian, fantasy, spring, summer, winter, autumn, eco-chic, Asian, Celtic, and so many more.

When choosing a theme for your party, make sure that you ask everyone to dress the part. Choose a theme that would make your guests comfortable enough to cooperate. For example, if your guests are mostly adults in their 40s or 50s, you cannot expect them to arrive at a fantasy party dressed as fairies. Also, adorn the place with theme-related quality logo products to spice up the party and get everyone in the mood for the celebration. Custom favors, like koozies with the bride's and groom's names and event date are always popular. Lastly, pick a theme that is close to your heart and would best reflect your personality and interests.

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