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Pool Party

Pool party By Anna Lynn Sibal

Just had a lovely and stunning swimming pool installed in your backyard? The best way to celebrate this new feature of your house – and to brag about the new pool to friends, family and neighbors – is to host a pool party.

Pool parties are often held during the summer, which is not surprising because most people are looking for excuses to cool down from the heat on that season. Since your guests will be looking for something to drive the heat away, you have to make sure that your pool party will be a cool place to be, at least for that designated time. You do not have to worry, though. With a little preparation, your pool party can become the talk of the neighborhood for the next few weeks.

Pool Party Invitations

No one is going to show up at your party if you do not invite people. Calling people or sending them emails to invite them may not be enough and your invites may forget. Thus, you have to be creative about your invitations – make them so your potential guests will not forget about your party.

One idea would be to print out your invitations on small blue sheets of paper. Do not forget to include the time and date of your party in your invitation, and always ask for an RSVP. Roll these sheets of paper and then insert them in small bottles. For an added measure of fun, put in some confetti or sand inside the bottle as well.

Decor and Props

While the main attraction that your party shall have is none other than your pool, doing a little decorating helps too. You can set up a few tiki lamps around the pool, especially when your party is going to last through the night. You can also arrange small tables covered each with a tablecloth with a summery pattern and topped with a flower arrangement of sunflowers, yellow daisies or yellow roses.

Make sure that there are enough chairs for your guests to sit in. You may have to designate a specific room in your house to be used as a changing room. Floats, beach balls and water guns may also be handy to have around during the party.


Parties must have music. You do not have to hire a DJ for your pool party. You can just burn two or three CDs with summery tracks, like the songs of the Beach Boys. If you think the Beach Boys is a little overused already, you can go for reggae or any other current dance hits. Be careful to match your music with the average age of your guests, though. Your music should be something that everyone will enjoy listening to and put them in a partying mood. At the pool party girls can have much fun.

Food and Drinks

What is a party without food and drinks? The worst thing that can happen to a party is for guests to go hungry and thirsty. Since your party is going to be a pool party, it would not require a sit-down meal. So, finger foods and cocktail dishes would do. Kebabs, tortillas with salsa, small sandwiches, salads, shrimp cocktails, chicken and beef wraps, and fruit tarts would do well for your menu.

As for drinks, you would not go wrong with serving daiquiris, piña coladas, margaritas and beer. Keep some sodas and fruit juices as well for those who do not want to drink alcohol.

Party Favors

So your guests would remember your party for weeks to come, you have to give out party favors as parting gifts. Your party favors can be anything that can fit with a beach theme, such as little bottles of cologne or sunscreen lotion, shell paperweights, shell jewelry or accessories for women, and other such items.

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