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Scary Movie Party

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Scary Movie Party

Scary By Lynn Lopez

Sitting on your couch with a big bowl of popcorn on your lap and a giant stack of DVDs ready for your movie marathon - what could be better? Well, how about sharing the experience with some friends? A movie marathon is probably one of the most fun and fuss-free parties you can have. After all, you wouldn’t need to put up decorations, dress up, or prepare fine appetizers, drinks, and meals--unless you want to, of course! All it takes is an assortment of snacks, lots of pillows, and a great selection of movies.

Having a scary movie party marathon is probably one of your best options. Not only will it be an amusing experience to scream your heads off at the most spine-chilling scenes, you’ll at least be watching it as a group, so there’s little to no chance of being really afraid of the movies.

Invite all your friends to your scary movie party, and ask them first what kinds of movies they would like to see. Do they want movies with ghosts in them or slasher flicks? How about the Friday The 13th series? Perhaps you can go with classics like Nosferatu or Michael Bay remakes like The Texas Chainsaw Massacre and The Amityville Horror. You can also rent the Hollywood versions of The Grudge and The Ring, and watch the original versions to compare.

To prepare for the party, all you have to do is make sure there are lots of comfortable seats for all your guests, and large pillows for everyone to hide behind in case the scary scenes get to be a bit too much! If you feel like decorating, you can put a ‘bloody’ knife or find some masks similar to those worn by Ghostface in Scream or Michael Myers in Halloween. As for food, good old buttery popcorn can do the trick, but you can also put out potato chips, cheese and crackers, or even chopped vegetables so everyone can have something to munch on. While watching the movie, turn off all the lights for maximum effect, and make sure to lock all the doors for everyone to feel safer!

Halloween is of course the best time to hold a scary movie marathon, but this party can still be great anytime you feel like having it! You can even throw this party for a friend who’s a big fan of scary films, or to celebrate the upcoming release of a new horror movie you’ve all been waiting for.

Here’s a reminder for you in case you’ll be having a scary movie marathon: make sure you also turn it into a slumber party. Horror movies do have a way of making people feel paranoid, and driving home late at night certainly won’t help. With a movie marathon/slumber party, everyone can at least feel much better driving home in the daytime.
Have fun!
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