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Sleepover Party

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Arranging a Sleepover Party for Pre-teens

Typically around the ages of nine through twelve many children start learning about the concept of having sleepover parties. This could be a stressfull event for the host parent, yet itís a vital part of the children growing up and learning to socialize. To help you avoid losing your mind when it becomes your turn to be the group sleepover host, we have created a strategy plan to help you keep things in order for the benefit of your sanity.

Pick a Number

When you are getting ready to host a sleepover the first thing you need to consider it the maximum number of people that you will allow to attend the party. You will want to consider the amount of space that you have on the floor in the main area for sleeping bags, and how crowded your place will be based on the number of people you already have in the household. A good, manageable number is up to eight sleepover attendees.

Start it Around Dinner

The idea of a sleepover party is to have the party based on staying overnight. In doing so, you will want to have the party start either right before or right after dinner; based on if the dinner meal was a planned part of the event. It would also be a good idea to have the guests be picked up by ten in the morning to allow the other families as well as yourself the ability to still get done what you have planned for that day.

Safety Information

It is very important that before the sleepover starts that you get a list of vitals from the parent of each child that plans to attend the party. You will want to know what they are allergic to, what medications they are taking overnight, diet restrictions, and contact numbers for each parent. With this information you can make sure that the health and safety of each child is maintained and the ability to reach a parent in an emergency is readily available. Because other parents of children may not know you very well, asking this information shows your sense of responsibility, allowing them to sleep better during the night, even if you don't!

Ground Rules

It is important to take the time at the start to make sure that everyone is aware of the ground rules for the party. Some of the basic rules are no leaving the house, no prank phone calls, no ganging up on anyone and absolutely no fighting will be tolerated. Make sure that they are all aware that there is a zero tolerance policy to the rules. Remind them that violating them will result in a phone call to their parents to come and take them home.

Have Fun, and Don't Stress over the Night Owls

The whole point of a sleepover party is for your child to stay up late and have fun with their friends. After all, if the idea was just to go to bed early, then what would the point be? Relax. Make them popcorn and Kool-aid for the movies they may or may not watch, then leave them alone. They will play, socialize, and eventually drift off. Besides, if they fall asleep later, maybe they will sleep later the next day. Good luck, and have fun!

By Chris Molnar. Chris is a stay-at-home dad with two young daughters - not yet sleepover age worthy, but all he has to do is blink an eye, and they'll be five years older! He edits a website and party planning blog at, with a variety of party themes to help you choose your next event.

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