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Slumber Party Games

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Slumber Party Games

By Mary Thompson

Slumber party games will make your slumber party a success and fun for all.

First Impression Slumber Party Game

This slumber party game is meant to help everyone get to know each other as they arrive. It is a great way to break the ice.
As the kids arrive at the slumber party games hand them stick a card on their back and give them a pen for writing. During the first half hour of the slumber party, have the kids go around writing their first impressions of the each other on the cards on each other's backs.

If everyone already knows each other then they should write down the first impression they had of each other when they first met. Remind everyone at the party to keep it fun by not writing down anything mean on their new friend's cards.

Doctor Slumber Party Game

One person in the group is selected as the doctor. He is asked to leave the room for a while.
Then the rest of the kids get together and decide the disease or problem the members are going to have. After the children decide on the disease, the doctor is called inside the room.
The doctor goes from person to person and asks some questions, trying to find out the disease.

If he manages to guess the disease, he wins the game.

Pajama Party Games

Pajama parties are very exciting for young kids and young adults. A pajama party is a great way to have fun and catch up on all the gossip with friends.

One of the best ways to enjoy a pajama party is to play board games, card games and any other games that a big group can enjoy. Team games like Pictionary or Cranium are great, as are card games like Uno. For games meant for fewer players, you could have tournaments and prizes for the winners.
More slumber party ideas

Make Over Game

Divide kids into teams of two. One kid has to apply makeup on the other kid and make it look as neat as possible. The team to finish first is the winner. Give them certain makeup items like lipsticks, blush-on, eye-liner, etc.

To make it even more fun, arrange for funky costumes that are to be worn immediately after the makeup without spoiling it.

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