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Snowflakes Christmas Party

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Snowflakes Christmas Party

By Terri


Make snowflakes from a plain cardstock paper and add some glitters on it.

Make some snowman and snowflakes cookies. D ecorate it with white frosting and something colorful for the snowman. Add some finger foods, drinks, pizza and a sundae bar. Those are fun for kids.

Cut out snowflakes and make snowman from Styrofoam.

Games And Activities

You can purchase inexpensive gloves and let the kids design it with glitter, beads and rings.

Make the best snowflakes. Let the kids create their own snowflakes.

Prepare a styro ball and play like a hot potato. When the music stopped, the player with the ball is out. Another game is to make 2 teams and make a snowman by giving each team a toilet paper and let them wrap the participant. T The first to finish wins.

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