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Surprise Party

Surprise By Lynn Lopez

If there’s any kind of party that becomes an unfortunate victim of poor planning and disorganization, then it’s the surprise birthday party. Most of the time, people sneak around for weeks, trying to get a big party together, and in the process someone slips up and tells the celebrant about the plans, or all the secret planning ends up upsetting the celebrant beforehand because her friends don’t make any contact for fear of spilling the big secret. So it’s definitely a good idea to map out a strategy first before spreading the word about the party.

First of all, don’t do everything by yourself. You need some partners to pull off the deception perfectly. Make sure they are trustworthy and will definitely not spill the beans about the plan.

Then, you must set a date for the surprise party, and make sure you casually ask the celebrant about her plans for that day, just to find out if she will be available. Better yet, invite her to do something with you. Pretend to take her on a birthday shopping spree or a special lunch or dinner out. That way, everything can go as planned behind the scenes and she’ll be none the wiser.

You and your cohorts should then put out the word about the surprise party, with an extra reminder that it is meant to be a surprise. If they regularly deal or spend time with the celebrant, you can give them some tips to avoid suspicion. Some people would recommend having the guests pretend to be elsewhere during the day, but this will only make the celebrant suspicious about why people appear to be avoiding her, which will lead her to conclude that there might be something special planned for her, ruining the whole surprise! The best way to handle this is to arrange for a few of the guests to cheerfully exclaim about her birthday and make a promise to do something special with her or drop a gift off sometime during the day. Because no one is avoiding her or refusing to talk to her, she won’t suspect a thing.

To keep people from knowing too much, which might cause them to tell the celebrant everything if they find it hard to resist, you should keep the details minimal. Inform them that there will be a surprise party on a certain day, which will start at a certain time, but reveal all the details shortly before the event will take palce.

It’s best to hold the party someplace familiar to her, that way she won’t be asking, “Where are we going?” or “Where are you taking me?” when you two are on the way to the big event. At the venue, make sure that the guests’ cars are parked somewhere out of sight so as not to arouse suspicion.

Most importantly, you don’t have to shut out the celebrant in the weeks before the secret party is to take place. You don’t have to make her feel lonely by avoiding her like the plague. Not only could it cause her to feel lonely and confused, it definitely won’t put her in good spirits prior to the big day.

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