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Toga Party

Toga By Valerie Mellema

If you are looking to have a little fun this summer, then host a toga party. This non traditional party can be a lot of fun if you do it right. Toga Parties can be thrown for birthday parties, summer parties or surprise parties.

To host a really good toga party, you need lots of people that are willing to wear togas. Other wise it is just like a regular party. You want to make sure that the togas arenít the only themed related item. Go all out, wear sandals and have decorations all over that are Toga related. Obviously the toga was worn by the Greeks, so have lots of Greek things around.

When passing out your invitations, you want to get ones related to your theme. Check local party stores or look online for them. Oriental Trading and other companies sell some that are a lot of fun. You can also pass out flyers that you can make on your computer.

A party isnít a party without food. Greek foods are easy to make and buy. The easiest and most obvious foods you can choose for your toga party are grapes and other fruits. Depending on who will be at your party and what your party budget is, will help you decide if you want to go with authentic Greek salads and sandwiches, or if you just want to have something for everyone to eat. If you are throwing a toga party for college students, chances are they arenít going o be picky about the menu.

The most important part of your toga party is the toga. Itís not that hard to make. Go to a local fabric store and buy plenty of fabric. You can make your toga white, beige or any other color that you feel would be fun. Start out by wrapping the fabric around your waist. Make sure you wrap it enough times to be comfortable in. Once you have wrapped it around enough, take the rest of the sheet and throw it over the shoulder. You can then tuck that part in or pin it to your waist to secure it. The last thing to do for you Toga party is have fun.

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