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Unique Graduation Party

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Unique Graduation Party


Party invitations should be fun and simple and also set the mood for your event.
You can use the many assorted pre-packaged versions that match your tableware design,
have custom-made ones, or use your creativity and make your own.
Here are a few ideas to inspire:
Create an invitation that reads like a final exam.

Example: If you were going to (name)'s graduation party, you would expect:

*A buffet with exotic foods

*A great Hawaiian punch

*A chance to do dance the limbo

*All of the above

At the bottom, fill in the party detailsUse the school colors for the invitation,
one color for the card and the other for the envelope.
Add a photo or caricature of the graduate to the invitation.
If you are going with a theme, be sure to carry it through to your invitations.

Decorating can be as simple as hanging crepe streamers and arranging balloon bouquets in the school colors around the room. Other ideas include: Hang a "Congratulations Graduate" banner. Personalized banners can also be made. Decorate tabletops with graduation confetti.

For a high-school graduation, hang up pennants and banners from the college they'll be attending. Decorate using school colors, alternating both colors for place settings. For a college graduation, hang up want ads, brochures and advertisements from companies in the graduate's field, or highlight the company for which they'll be working. Plant a yard sign with the graduate's name on it in front of the house to help guests find the party.

Use graduation caps as centerpieces and fill with candies or use as a weight for a balloon bouquet. If someone is into football, use that as a weight for your sports related balloons. Don't forget to incorporate your theme into your party favors and decorations! If the graduate likes basketball, you'll find lots that you can tie-in, including nametags, confetti, napkin rings, centerpieces, and anything else you can think of.


Baked Brie
Hollow out an oval loaf of French or sourdough bread, cutting the bread so that you have a "lid". Fill the hole with Brie cheese, and put the lid back on. Bake at 350 degrees for 15 minutes. Serve with small chunks of bread, or crackers. If the Brie is not to your taste, fill the bread with any other type of dip, such as a creamy spinach dip.

Cream Cheese Dip
Purchase cream cheese in block form, and top with salsa (flavored salsas are great), cocktail sauce and crabmeat, green pepper jelly, or jam (any flavor works, but apricot is delicious!). If you are feeling adventurous, combine a couple of packages, and mold them into the shape of a graduation cap. Serve with a variety of crackers.

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