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You can consider using sample size box chocolate with a small note on it or you cut out hearts and design them. Printing out heart graphics and cupids is a nice idea too.

Prepare some heart shape cookies. Put some nice design on it. Finger food and strawberry fruit punch.

Angels, cupids, red hearts are a great decoration for this party. Hang hearts and balloons from the ceiling. Use red and white balloons. You can even littler your rooms with the balloon. Tie some nice ribbon in your guest chairs. You can consider making a Valentine’s Day tree. Use small Christmas tree decorated with white and pink lights, heart and other pink Valentine ornaments, pink silk flowers. Outside you can drape your tree with red and white crepe paper or let them hang down and sway in the wind.


Valentine Bingo You can make your own bingo cards with Valentine pictures instead of numbers. Use hearts, flowers, chocolate kisses, doves, etc. For the Bingo chips you can use candies that won't melt or be sticky.

Steal my heart Attach heart stickers to clothes pins. Each guest gets one to pin on when they arrive. If the guest is caught crossing their legs t they lose their clothes pin to the one who caught them. Even if they have lost their heart they are still in the game. The one at the end of the game with the most clothes pins wins a small prize. Keeps everyone on their toes!

Candy Necklaces On strands of licorice guests get to create their own edible necklaces. Provide candies and goodies with holes in the center. Fruit loops, lifesavers, Gummy Savers etc. There are lots of options.

Who has the Heart? Before the party start, hide a hearts on few of the guest chairs. Whoever sits on the chair with a heart gets a prize.

Partners in Crime
Pin a card on each teen's back with the names of well-known couples or pairs. It might be stars like Superman and Lois, Batman and Robin, Bonnie and Clyde, or just pairs such as tea and coffee, etc. Each person must find out who they are by looking at other people's cards and asking appropriate questions. The only question they can't ask is "who am I?". They are only allowed to ask one question to each player. Only yes or no answers are allowed. Examples of questions are, "Am I a super hero?" or "Am I a drink?"

Pass The Kiss
Get a card (it can be a credit card, a playing card, etc.) and sit everyone in a circle, alternating boys and girls. The first person to start this teen party game must suck the card to their lips and hold it that way. This person then has to pass it to the person next to him/her, using only their mouths. The second person sucks in to get the card, while the first person blows out to pass it to the second player. The pair that drops the card is out of the game. Continue until there is one couple left.

Clothes Mix up
Before the party begins, find many male and female clothes (in large or extra-large size). Try to include everything from pantyhose and lingerie to shoes and hats. Make sure that there are even amounts of both male and female clothing. Mix up the clothes and put them into one laundry basket. An area is then designated as the finish line. There is a person in charge of timing the couples with a stopwatch. When that person says, "Go," the first couple runs to the basket of clothes to get dressed as fast as possible. The girl puts on the boy's clothing, and the boy puts on the girl's clothing (over their own clothing). As soon as they are both dressed they have to run to the finish line hand in hand. Each couple goes through the same motions, and the couple with the fastest combined time wins. A fun variation of this teen party game is to have couples dress each other: boys dress girls in male clothing and girls dress boys in female clothing.

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